Offertorium Metal Band – A Short History

Offertorium Metal Band

Offertorium Metal Band – A Short History

Offertorium is a musical band comprising of singers who performed metallic songs. The team originated from Moldova in the year 1998. The team was very capable and performed hard-core metallic songs, and most of their songs belonged to the progressive metallic genre. However, the team is no more a going-concern. The band split-up in the year 2007. So the members of the band were active for about ten whole years. Later to that the team parted ways and they do not perform together anymore. Though the group has dissolved itself, the songs that they played are still remembered. The team existed till 2007 but it was in 2005 the performance of the team was last recognized. Then one unfortunate morning in 2007 the news of the split came out.

Offertorium Metal Band

Members of the Offertorium:

Totally 7 members make up the Offertorium team, and the band members along with their roles are as follows

  • Nikolai – the lead guitarist
  • Anna – the flutist
  • Tatiana and Alexandr on the keys
  • Anastasia for bass and violin
  • Nadejda along with Alexandr took care of the vocals.
  • Setghei Petrenco to take care of the drums

The members of the team often called themselves as the Moldova’s Nightwish. Though the band didn’t state reasons for why they called themselves as the replica of Nightwish, out of curiosity we made an earnest effort to find out the similarities between Nightwish and Offertorium.

A lot of details about Offertorium aren’t available. We made a lot of research to find out about how this band came into existence. We must tell you that it was like picking a needle out of a haystack. So here are some of the similarities:

  • There are not too many images that portray how the members of the band looked. There was only one image, and that image was strikingly similar to that of the image in the Nightwish band website.
  • The nest thing is the number of people that made the team. There are seven members in the Nightwish, and the same number made up the Offertorium team as well
  • The next obvious similarity is the genre of songs that both songs composed. It is always the metallic rock songs, and that’s similar again.
  • The guitarist of the Nightwish band was so prominent that is was named as the one among the best guitarists of all time. Though the guitarist of the Offertorium did not reach a fame as high as that, he ran the whole show as far as Offertorium is concerned. He gave life to the songs that were composed by the team.

Before the team broke up, they released only one album called the Ohne Dich. The album comprises of 6 songs. This album is also considered only as their demo album.

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